Friday, April 5, 2013


I would like to tell you about my sister Shirley, yes I know I mentioned her last yr in my other blog, but we lost her this Feb after a 5 year fight with ovarian cancer. I will miss her until I leave this earth. I know I cant do her justice in a paragraph, and most folks like me don't like super long posts so it if were to sum up my sister in a few words they would be SHE LOVED EVERYBODY, esp the down and outers. Was she just perfect you ask? Do I look stupid or what? No not at all. But she was my sister and she loved me like no one else.
This is my "bebe" on Thanksgiving 2012. She was sick but wanted to come to Marcies for dinner. Tough Tough Tough. They say tough enough to wear pink,,,she could have invented pink..

Left to right. sis Berta, Her boyfriend at the moment, Shirley and bro Danny  in California where they got me...Don't worry, I stirred up the pot..
Shirley and Clyde at thier 50th celebration, before cancer... Why oh Why do we have to have so much of that? Its such an awful waster of life.
Does this look like the face of a thief... come on now..
The last football game of the year, she watched from Kims living room window with Dusty loving on her..She was a perfect example of a nana and I hope I can remember all her tricks, like when they are naughty she always said I think they're tired.  She never quit loving those grandsons and my grandsons and she even loved the little thief, Zoey , She swore everytime Marcie came Zo made off with something...She love it.
Her life was spent loving and taking care of folks. We laughed, cried, and ate together . She loved to tell me how imperfect I was , but thats ok I know Im far from perfect and its good to be reminded once in a while or maybe quite a bit..
I hope you enjoyed this little splash of my sister, my friend, my critic, my fav cook, ( did I tell you that on Feb 11 before she died on Feb 24 she cooked my favorite birthday dinner and brought it to missoula. wow what a woman...

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  1. love this one!! She indeed will always be part of us and is so very missed! love you